Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hello =]

Here are some pics! :  
    Coconut avatarPineapple avatarStrawberry avatarBad Apple avatarSatsuma avatarPear avatar
    Lime avatarPeach avatarSatsuma avatarStar fruit avatarRaspberry avatarPlum avatar
    Mushroom avatarBlueberry avatarKiwi fruit avatarCherries avatarCorn cob avatarPumpkin avatar

    I'm really sorry if I'm boring you with them. And also very sorry that I'm a lazy blogger. This is a late new year's resolution:   POST MORE!!!!! It is the weekend so I promise tomorrow I would be blogging more ... non-boring stuff...actually most (Okay, ALL) of my posts are boring so scratch that. Thanks so much to everyone who commented! 23 followers?! WOAH. But anyway, my fave band is Linkin Park and Paramore. What are yours? 
    BTW: Have you guys listened to 'Chasing Cars' By Snow Patrol? If you haven't, LISTEN ;) It's old but meh, who cares? It matches on how I'm feeling most of my life. Depressing,eh?  
    Thanks again! 


    Anna said...

    those are adorable :)
    i love that song, everyone does. i never get sick of if.

    Jenni said...

    My fave band is definitely My Chemical Romance :D

    shannon said...

    I also like Three Days Grace,
    and Evanescense.
    all those pics were really cute!!!

    Zebra Corriina said...

    I am beatle/Taylor Swift obseses! And btw, your pics are not boring!!! Don't even think that, they are adorable!

    Anna said...

    My favourite fruit is the raspberry pic. :D :) Congrats on 23 followers. :D

    Hamtarofan01 said...

    Thanks for following! I followed back! I LOVE CHASING CARS! :D WHO CARES IF ITS OLD! (:

    Anonymous said...

    I love Paramore!!