Friday, 22 April 2011

'ello there ;)
Yay more comments! Here are some replies to some previous ones-
Anna- Yeah. I guess your right since it's Easter holidays and stuff. Thanks! :]
S.- LOL ;P Sure I'll visit!
Queena Corrina- Cool =] You too! Your birthday's on Easter? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it's awesome!
Jessica- lol ;D I was surfing the net when I came across some random things that popped in my head like butterfly and apple. So I typed them in and voilà!
Cat- lol me too! Thanks :) Oh and thanks so much for the follow ;]

Sorry that my replies are on a blog post. It's weird so I'll write in the comment thing next time.
Here are some random things have been happening lately, things that make me smile.
I bought a pair of pink leg-warmers.
I have purchased and read 'Gingersnaps' by Cathy Cassidy and fallen in love with it. Again.
My friends came over for a sleepover and made pizza from scratch and some Cupcakes. Nom :D
Mum bought me a groovy new backpack with really cool pink-and-blue bamboo sticks on a black background.
I flew a kite with my sibs.
I bought a MASSIVE (chocolate) egg for easter .
I bought myself a cupcake chained necklace from Diva.
I got a phone call from an old friend I havn't met since kinder.
I dreamt really nice dreams.
I sat on the comfy sofa, made some english tea (with sugar) and daydreamed.
I still haven't done my 7 paged holiday homework from 3 weeks ago and school starts in 42 hours...Wait that's a bad thing. Whoops :p

What's something that's been making you smile?


Anna said...

that's a nice list.
lucky, you get 3 weeks holiday. i only get 2.
i do not like holiday homework. i have italian verbs to learn, politics and law notes to take (6 pages) and 65 maths questions. i'll manage it somehow though.

Queena Corrina said...

Hey you amazing beautifulwonderful gal! Yes, my birthday is on Easter!! I wish you the happiest Easter in the entire world! I soooo wish i could actually meet you! RANDOM SWICH OF SUBJECT!!! I still luv you<3<3<3<3



Cliona said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting and following my blog, I love yours! I'm a new follower!
Byr :D

Anonymous said...

When you have free time, man, you get stuff done!!!
Though, better get started on that homework!!!!

♥Strawberry Cait Sundae♥ said...

Anna- thanks :)
Oh wow. That's alot. We have to write this 2 paged essay of 'To Kill A Mokingbird'. It wasn't so bad actually. I like the book. Sorry that I'm boring you with my homework. But Happy Easter!!!
Queena Corrina- Aw thanks!! You too!! lol. me too! Happy Easter!!!
Cliona- No problem ;) Yay! New follower! Love yours too!! Happy Easter!!
Jessica- Yeah I should! Thanks for reminding me! Happy Easter!!

Anonymous said...

something that made me smile was that my dog is obsessed with food and every time i have food she sits right next to me and puts her head on my lap!
i hope u get that homework done in time (dont mean to sound like a mother) and have a super awesome Easter!!

Anna said...

i don;t mind talking about homework, just actually doing it. we're studying to kill a mocking bird this term, the bit i've read is quite good.