Sunday, 10 April 2011

Good news!...and bad news

 Hey-o, spaghetti-o.
You guys should know that I started new blogs. One is about photography while the other is about one of my personal favorites, Coraline.
I'm OBSESSED with Coraline. Literally. Do visit them if you like
( and

I also got accepted into this Camp. It's a variety camp which means it's something different everytime. It's only for musicians though. Some of my friends got in aswell so I'm awfully happy! It's on for 12 days every holiday. I can't wait! I would also like to tell you that I will be absent from this blog for 7 days, as I'm going there! Yesss! I apologize for any inconvenience, and in that time, you can check my other blogs out!
I'm leaving at 1:00 PM today. I'm told not to mention the camps name so I won't.
Melbourne seriously has freakish weather O.O

YAY! I got another follower! Thanx holliefitzell ;]

Last goodbyes (for the next 6 days),

Caitlyn xxx

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Queena Corrina said...

I know i have like, 10 blogs, but you shouldn't start new ones like a week into the blogger business. SOZ, but just some advice, and also, call me a wuss, i was like 6-7 when i saw Coraline and got scared to death! Not that i'm dead or anything but, ya know!