Monday, 25 April 2011


Box Dude - Birthday
Happy Birthday to Corrina! And also... HAPPY EATER TO ALL OF YOU! Whoops...I
ment Happy Easter Had a lolly party! Well not really...But it was yumm
Box Dude - EasterThis is going to a short boring post. I din't have time to post earlier today since I went to a friend's house, went on a trip to Glen Waverly, Watched football (Collingwood VS. Essendon) and people came over. Collingwood won =D So happy! My friend gave me a cute squishy toy donut and this box dude that looked like these!:

Hope you had a great Easter! I got the pictures from a friend except the donut one! She sent me a whole load of the box ones 
P.s If you loook at the time on what  time I posted this, it's wrong cuz' I'm posting right now at 7:50 PM so ignore the time on the blog.                                     


ウィンターちゃん Wynter Chan (。→∀←。) said...

Hullo ^^
Thank you for following
I will hug you now (つ• ㉦•)づ
Hahahahs ♥
See you my good friend - I follow your blog and I hope you visit mine daily kawaii desu yo *

Anna said...

cute :)

Jedi~Chick said...

:) Your blog is really cool!!! I like it! Thanks for following! :)

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