Saturday, 23 April 2011

Blah Blah Blah

Don't ask me how the title came into my mind, it was a random thought.
OMG. I still haven't done one bit of my homework! Oh shizzles. I better get going FAST.
I hardly got anything to say but, WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I've got 18 followers! Thankyou so much! You peeps are da best ;D Yesterday it was thirteen then ZAP eighteen

So I'm wondering... How do you give people awards? Sorry I'm new to this...

Here's one of the MANY pieces of writing hidden in my notebook. I actually don't know if there are any markets in Mumbai, but I imagine there is...

It is a hot, dry day in India. A girl is seen walking through a market in Mumbai.
She is wearing a bright sari, her arms loaded with bangles. On her feet are an ancient pair of turquoise sandals with silver beads stitched in here and there.
As she walks, the smell of spices fill her head. She doesn't hear the yells of the stall keepers, advertising fruit and jewellery and wooden spoons.
Her head is held high, shoulders thrown back. She looks confident, but inside she is crumbling.
She is looking for something long gone, forbidden. Something mysterious, treasured.
A memory, a summer....

So...What do ya think?


Anna said...

Hi! Thanks for following my blog. I've followed yours too! :D

Jenni said...

That's really good! It's better than some of my stuff! By the way, are you Australian? Just wondering! :D

♥Strawberry Cait Sundae♥ said...

Anna- No probs ;)Thanks!
Jenni- Thankyou :) Yep I'm Aussie

Anonymous said...

Wow, your story is beautiful!!!
Can you finish it?!?!?!?

Jenni said...

Cool :D I totally agree with Jessica - you need to finish the story!!