Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hello Goodbye

It's been ages since I've last updated this blog wow
I'm in high school now and I have no grammar whatsoever anymore. I have a terrible "best" friend which I despise of very deeply despite how long I've stuck to her and I am still of Cathy Cassidy's books admittedly.
I can't remember why I stopped blogging here but I think I was just tired of writing excuses of how I never update all the time so yeah
I doubt that there is someone reading this but if you are, then wow, 10 awards to you for still sticking around after all this time (thank you I still love you)
I was thinking of deleting this blog due to embarrassment of how silly I sound in all of my blog entries but I wont.
See you in a couple of months
or years maybe idk i'll probably on tumblr reblogging shit