Saturday, 4 June 2011

Woah my god

Just 10 minutes ago , I've discovered that we're going to Canberra tomorrow for 3 days :/ Oh actually that's good news Yay! No school! :D Okay so anyway, it's so annoying when someone tells you your going on about 7-8 hour road trip somewhere and you haven't even got ready.
This very weird thing happened to me yesterday when I went shopping. I was at Borders minding my own business when these girls came trotting along having an argument about grabbing the last Poison Apple book set first. They started shoving each other and the red-ish brown-ish haired girl pushed the girl so hard she crashed into me and started weeping. I really wanted to help her but the brown red haired girl shot me a look that probably meant Don't even think about it. Someone get them their water wings before they drowns in their own stupidity.

G2G! Watching Corpse Bride :D
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The new & first Award!

YAY! It's winter! Planning on visiting Mt. Bulla these holidays! Also, thanks so much to ЯANdOM ЯAWR for the award! So since I've received this awesome award, I'll have to write a list of 10 facts about myself :D
  1. I'm a true aussie and proud :D
  2. I believe I can fly ♥
  3. Right now I'm reading 'Life At The Shallow End' By Helen Bailey which I'm recommending to you. Also try reading 'If I Could Fly' By Jill Hucklesby.
  4. My first novel I ever read was Coraline
  5. I love cupcakes, reading, the book name The Sky Is Everywhere (I know. WEIRD.) and anything that gives you that dream-like feel.
  6. Recently, I got disqualified and had to sit out in Field hockey for crashing into a girl who accused me of doing it on purpose when, really I didn't. 
  7. I knocked my knee cap on Wednesday :( It's a very unbearable pain.
  8. Our current school production is High School Musical :/
  9. I have wind chimes stuck ALL OVER my ceiling. I've been collecting them for about 2 or 3 years now. It looks REALLY cool when the air conditioner is on and they all twinkle. :-)    
  10. And lastly, I love long socks. Knee Hi ones. Plus hoodies, gloves and hats. I looooooooooooooooooooooooove hats!!!
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