Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Bak 2 Skool

Hiya peoples!!! Well, school has officially started. For me it has anyway.I was very excited when my mum was driving me to school, because, well our classroom makeover was finished! For two weeks before the holidays, our class was moved to the art room. That is because, big, stinky workmen (seriously. They stank like they haven't bathed in a week!) fenced of the entrance to our classroom, because (I'm using a lot of 'because' here) we were getting a classroom makeover! I have to say, the workmen did a very good job. But our principal chose very dull colours. Like, light blue walls, navy carpet, blah blah... Anyway, this is what we got...

- New carpet (navy)
- the walls re-painted (like I said, light blue)
-the ceilings lowered (we had VERY high ceilings, so it got REALLY cold in winter)
-This kind of carpet-ish materiel put halfway around the walls (so we can stick on our lovely creations with Velcro)
-new cupboards
-a door put into the wall so we can enter the room next to us (which is going to be a computer lab with seven flat-screen computers) easier

Cool, yeah? I know. Oooops, gotta run. I have a LOT of homework to do...
But then we have to move AGAIN :( To the new building :)
It's so cool! It has a Netball Court, those cool fancy drink taps (yeah fussy about taps), laptop lab (like a really big room filled with awesome brandnew laptops), huge glass windows for us to see the gorgeous view...and to daydream♥ 
I didn't exactly go in yet. Well none of us are allowed to, not in like 3 weeks. They're still conversgating it to see if it's fire safe and yeah.
Well. CYA!!!!!
I'm sure there's a heap of blogs out there which are fab, great and wow-tastic!!! If you own one of them PLEASE do tell me and I'll visit when I have time on the weekend!!!
PP.S. I'm sorry if I hadn't commented on your blog for a while. I have loads of homework to do that's all.


Anna said...

they always choose colours like that in class rooms. i remember in primary school the classrooms were all roughly the same, but each was a colour. not the walls, but the door frames and stuff. light blues a nice colour, it's better than that horrible creamy brown or ugly peach.

Jedi~Chick said...

It sounds awesome!!! Have fun in school!

Queena Corrina said...

Already 22 followers???? OMG! Ya know, i didn't get that many till just recently. Oh well i'm still ahead! Have fun in skool!!!:):):)

All my luvin,



Anonymous said...

Cool!! So did you finish you paper?!?!?!

Anna said...

My school is having a makeover... but we are in an old classroom...

it would be so cool if we could choose our classroom colours-wouldn't it look so awesome? Pink, green, yellow, blue, etc. :D :)

EasyTargetHollie said...

Sounds cool! My school is fairly new so it'll be a lnog long time before we get any make overs on our class rooms done! :L x