Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ideas every Thursday

Hey peeps of da blogoverse!

Don't you just love books? Books about mystery, romance and all that gooz?
If you do, then these books are right for you! I read The Body Finder about 8 months ago and I LOVED IT! But I wouldn't reccomend it for well, people who don't like romance or dead things. I'm gonna read Desires Of The Dead later when it's Lights Out in Camp. I had this idea last night and yeah, so I'm thinking of doing book reviews every Thursday. Well, their not really reviews but their the books you should read. Yes, this blog is random. No, I am not. But if your not into these types of books, I can always publish more different ones.
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Yes. I know. What a boring post. But what else could I talk about? Other then Camp...Oh right! What song should I play on my Violin? Come on peeps! Tell me! I need to practise it!
I also discovered a new blog called,!
Go check it out! It's also really cool how whenever you touch a link, it goes or rainbowish while my one is just a Cherry Red. It makes me so happy!



Sounds good! Wow I really love your blog! Looks really awesome! I'm reading a really good book myself and i'll do a review on it soon. Thanx so much for your comment. I really appreciate it! I'm definately following! Thanx again!

Queena Corrina said...

BLINGLICIOs is my gal<3 My definite bestie, in the blogger world! Ya know what you should play on violin? ANY GEORGE HARRISON SONG!!! He is so AWESOME! Pick 'here comes the sun' Thats good! And i've been following Bling bling's blog forever<3<3 Luv her, luv you! Have an awesome day<3<3