Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Yes! Here I am blogging from Camp! I had a thore throat today and we had this acting and drama session so I was allowed to go on the laptop =]
The camp is soooo small but so awesome! Seriously peeps, there's like ONLY 5 cabins and each cabin holds 6 people.
Camp Is LOADS of fun, except for the fact that S, M and I had to share a cabin with a snotty girl from another school who called us psychos and screamed at us because we were taking along time in the showers.
I have blue and purple bags right below my eyes every morning and look like a complete ghostly hobo. I look plain CREEPY.
Bad blogging time right now since I have nothing to talk about but I'll tell you our Timetable:
Monday- Camp Activies; Hut Building, Archery, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Night Walk
Tuesdsay- Cooking Sessions
Wednesday- Drama Session
Thursday- Music Instrument Sessions, Movie Night (Despicable Me)
Friday- Sports Sessions ,Sport Competitions and tryouts.
Saturday- Writing & Art Sessions, Music Concert (Eeeek! Not excited about that!)
Sunday- FREETIME =] Then Hometime =[
I have to go soon cuz we're having Pasta for Lunch!
I am definetley not excited for that music concert =[ We have to play a 2 minute long song on your instrument you play.
I play the violin...Hmmmm do any of my followers play any instruments?
What song should I play?
I might edit this later cuz I see many mistakes >.<
Oh m geee! I got 5 followers! Thanks ~sweethoneydew~ and holly.marie21!


Queena Corrina said...

Isn't it to early for camp???? Or do you live somewhere where it's warm, unlike me! Massechusets is freezing, to most people, meaning NOT me! I'm in a tank-top, and it's like 40 degrees! Fun fun!

♥Strawberry Cait Sundae♥ said...

ahaha lol
I live i australia so yeah. Hmmmm...It's not so early to have camp. But this is my holiday camp which is this camp in the school holidays.
My school camp was on the 6th Of March 2011 which was even earlier.