Friday, 8 April 2011

Op Shop Treasures!

I normally wouldn't post again on the same day but meh.
Today my Mum and I went shopping, after we came out of the Clothes Bin (this neat shop wich sells really good clothes) I saw the op shop. You know, the one where people dump all they're pre-loved goods, and other people buy it for a VERY cheap price? Yeah, well, I've never actually been to this one, not that I've been to very many op shops, so I said 'Mum, lets go in there!'
So we went in, and I found this REALLY cool necklace made out of red dice and little flower shaped beads, only for like, $2.00! I loved it. You know I love unusual jewellery and accesories. Some Op Shops donate a bit of their money to charities like the Bushfire Apeal. So I skipped out of the shop feelng like I REALLY helped someone!

Miss Electro Sparkle xxx

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