Saturday, 21 May 2011

Netball Match & Tangled :D are probably wandering how my netball match today went. It was SOOO much fun! I was bench for the first quarter, but for the other three quarters I played Goal Attack, which is my absolute FAVOURITE position! No, we didn't win but who cares! Sorry, if you don't play netball this must sound very confusing to you, but netball is a VERY fun game. It keeps you active.
Every Thursday, all the under 16s netballers walk from school to the netball courts, stopping at the corner shop to buy chips. Then the training begins. Training is....well, it gets you tired. Unless of course on the way to training you also stop to buy eight Sour Strips, which gives you enough sugar-energy (AKA Hyperness).
This is random but don't you think Tangled is actually a good movie? You know I had no idea. Rapunzel and the frying pan. Lol XD Hey that reminds me! I might be creating a new blog... which is absolutely a waste of time. Nevermind. Well, I was going to create two blogs named & But hey, maybe I will. They're both available blog names. Cookie ninja & Ninja Cookies was a blog I always dreamt of naming my blog...5 years ago... Cookie was one of my old nicknames.
So anyway, should I?

♥Strawberry Cait Sundae♥
Cookie x
P.s  Check em' out!

As you might all know, on Lisa Clark's blog she mentioned something about the 30 Day Drawing Challenge. Loads of people are participating so I thought, why not? I also just LOVE drawing.You guys should give it a go too!


Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Awww! This brings back memories from when I used to play netball! Goal attack's a good position! Awwww, those pictures are so cute!! x

Anna said...

i really am not a netball fan, but that's just because i'm quite bad at it and just don't enjoy it. i can see that it could take a lot of skill, it's just not for me. i'm a hockey player.
i LOVED tangled. not the best songs ever, but i loved it. demi moore does the voice of repunzel, and it's funny cause when they cut off her hair in the end repunzel looks really similar to demi moore when she has short hair.

Cliona said...

I've never seen Tangled but my brother told me it's really good. I play camogie (an Irish sport - the explanation is long and complicated. Which is why I'm not gonna give one.) and we had a match today too, our semi-final. We lost :( Cute pics! Yeah, you should so make a new blog! Love the names! And finallly, you should do the 30 Day Drawing Challenge, I am but I'm way behind already!

Anonymous said...

What is nethall???? It sounds really interesting and I want try it!!!!!!

♥Strawberry Cait Sundae♥ said...

Meleonieeee - ♥ ~ Cool! Glad it did! Yeah they are :)
Anna ~ I'm more of a hockey player too ;) Netball wasn't so easy for me at first but I'm sure you'll get hold of it in the future :D
Anyway, yeah it is. You can also see the similaraties between she and her mother.
Cliona~ Doesn't matter I can look it up. That's why we have Google XD
Nevermind! Best wishes in the future! Thanx Lol
Jessica~ Woah. You haven't heard of Netball? I found that a bit of a shock but I don't blame you! I had no idea what Netball was untill I tried playing it. You should too :D

shannon said...

I have never played netball in my life, but it sounds fun!!
those are some really cute pics! ;)
good luck on the drawing challenge!
:) ;)

Mahalia said...

Goal Attack rocks! Just, you know, putting it out there ;)