Friday, 6 May 2011

May the fourth be with you...even though it's not the fourth of may

Hi Y'all!
Sorry, my friend and her sister have been saying that a lot lately, so it got stuck in my head. Speaking of apologies, I am SO sorry I haven't blogged and commented on any of your blogs in ages! Life has been extra busy lately. So. What's been happening?
I have officially read EVERY single book by Cathy Cassidy! Well actually last year...Woop-woop! I think I will have an extra couple of ANZAC biscuits to celebrate! Even though ANZAC day is over, but still. ANZAC biscuits are really very nice. You should try some.
Also in school today our teacher put up a picture on the Smart Board (y'know, them interactive whiteboards. They're like a massive touch-screen) and told us to write a short story about the picture. Also he put on a Good Charlotte song and told us to write whatever comes into our heads when we hear this song. I like this kind of writing. What I don't like is when the teachers say, " I'll give you ten minutes to write a masterpiece with the last sentence being 'And then we all drove back home with the lobster sitting in the front seat'. Go." I mean, first of all, what kind of ending is that? And how are we supposed to write a masterpiece in ten minutes? I just don't get it.
I know this is random but don't you just love Diva? You know...that jewellery store? Okay well, they sell really cool necklaces and earrings...etc? Like today, I went over to the nearest shop and bought a cupcake necklace and this really cool watch that looks exactly like the White Rabbit scurries around with in 'Alice in Wonderland'. Except that the watch isn't gold...I'll upload the photo later on. Anyway, you can visit the site here and check out the latest stuff...♥ It's originally aussie but you can always make an account even if your not an australian to shop online.
I also love bookstores. Normally, when I go there, a notepad and pencil tags along with me so I can copy down the books that hook you in from the start or something.
Cya'll later!


Cliona said...

Cool post! I think that's a pretty awesome last line... :P

Zoe Crook said...

I love your blog, I will definitely become a follower. Which is your favourite Cathy Cassidy book? :)

Anonymous said...

You are so much like me!!

Zebra Corriina said...

Lobsters! Hahahahahahahaha! You sometimes crack me up! i luv lobsters, kinda, i like zebras, bunnies, and then lobsters!

Anna said...

I love ANZAC biscuits too. Yum. ;)

♥Strawberry Cait Sundae♥ said...

Cliona- Thanks! ;)
Zoe- Thanks =] That's hard...I really enjoyed GingerSnaps, Indigo Blue and Angel Cake. You?
Corrina- lol XD
Anna- Me too!!! :D