Saturday, 27 August 2011


Wow. Aren't I disgrace to the Blogoverse? What was I thinking? I really need to get my blogging life back on track. But thanks for your comments :) So how you doing?
Nothing much has happened in my plain boring life...I realised that my post are getting more dull each day :P
Anyway, anyone reading any juicy good books?
It is almost lunchtime and my cousin and I just wildly danced along to 'Fireflies' in our pyjamas, even though a random person could've peeked through the window and saw me doing the worm in my pj's while my brother boogied next to me. I have band practice today. Yes, on a Sunday. At 2pm. I am planing on wearing something dramatic and funky, but I'll probably end up wearing tracksuit pants, a hoodie and a pair of Havaianas. True Australian.Well, I'm off to have a very 'me' day, that mostly consists of pampering, reading, relaxing and maybe watching a few chick-flicks like Wild Child or Breakfast at Tiffany's. Ta for now.


shannon said...

LOL, there's something about dancing in your pj's that is so...Funtastic? A mix between fun and fantastic :)

Zebra Corr!na said...

I just luv the word ta! i know it's random, but it's just awsome to here people say it! <3



Anonymous said...

I love it how you dance in your pajamas!!

Lily;) said...

I can't wait til you start posting again:D

Jessica said...

Hi there! So, first off I'd like to state that I'm not selling anything. But pleeeeeease could you come visit my blog? It's a writing blog :)
It would be awesome if you could come see it :D

aimee ingram said...

heya I was wondering if you would come and take a look at my blog I'd really appreciate it!

thanks xxx<3