Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A wee lil' catch up post

Bonjour all, sorry haven't been bloggin' in...how long was it since I properly blogged? Oh well, it feels like it's been a while. Well, in that time I have been doing many things but I won't tell you everything 'cause then I'll be here all week. OK. Honest, I haven't been staying in Canberra for that long. I've just kinda lost my blogging appetite. I'm also overseas did I not mention.I've also gone a little disapointed at myself of my loss of 3 followers
 who've probably gone bored of my wisdom and what i know. Sad isn't it?

Come back? :D

Dreams & Cupcakes
Cookie x 


shannon said...

everyone loses their blogging apetite at some point. it comes back though:)

Zebra Corr!na said...

I've never lost more than one follower, but i feel your pain. i bet everyone still loves you :) I still love you and your blog!

Jennifer said...

You have a really cute blog! And the cupcakes in your default picture make me hungry, haha.

I saw your were following my blog and I just wanted to drop by and say hello and see who you were!

Come by and say hello sometime. I love talking with my fellow bloggers. :D